Microsoft announced today a new program meant to provide schools with discounted Surface RT tablets. The sale will be massive and it’s part of the new initiative that will empty the MS stocks of all Surface units, as we prepare for a new generation of slates.


The purchases will be done in bulk at a reducer per unit price tag. The thing is that only 32 GB Windows RT models are part of the program and the prices are like this: $199 for the 32 GB Surface RT, $249 for the model with touch keyboard cover and $289 for the 32 GB Surface RT with type keyboard cover.

The discounts are more than 50% in this case and the program started this week and will last till August 31st 2013. This means that by the time school starts, there will be a huge number of students with the tablet in their classrooms. Microsoft’s initiative will take place in Belgium, Japan, China, Denmark, Finland, Singapore, USA, Spain, UK and more countries.