Microsoft has been using the MacBook as target practice for a long while now, especially in its Surface Pro 3 ads. Now they’ve released a special website to help MacBook users witch their devices to a Surface Pro 3.


The site is called “Making the Switch” and details the way you’ll be going about giving up the MacBook and start working on the Surface. The transition between OS X and Windows is also shown, as well as content migration to the new platform. Microsoft also takes into account the fact that while the user may give up the MacBook, they’ll still keep their iOS device and make a tandem with the Surface Pro 3.

On the same website Microsoft teaches OS X users basic Windows commands, that they aren’t supposed to know if they’ve been on Apple’s OS forever. Surface Pro 3 is shown as fully compatible with the iPhone, iCloud and iTunes and there’s even a Q&A section on the site. You’ll find answers to stuff like “how do I perform a secondary click/right click?”, or “how do I find all my system settings?” or “Why isn’t the menu bar at the top of my screen anymore?”.

The website’s here for more interesting info.