The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids tablet is a 7 inch slate for kids, that’s a slightly modified Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 for the little ones. We’ve covered this device before, but only listing its specs and priced. However, today we also get a hands on video of the product.


The Kids version has a list price of $230, compared to the $179 of the original Galaxy Tab 3 7.0. There are some extras for that extra cash: the case included here, able to withstand the shocks that come with the input of a child. Another bonus is the fact that parents can choose the appropriate apps for their kids and use parental controls to limited the amount of time the little ones spend with the tablet.

Parents can enter a password and turn the device into a full fledged Android unit with full Play Store access. In case you want to use the slate when your little one is not around, you can switch to a regular use mode, with Netflix and HBO GO On it, plus violent games, if you want. But then it’s back to kid mode when the child is around.

The video below shows us a colourful case, a drawing app, tiny little game, some parental controls and the regular Android UI hidden behind the childish customization.