MediaTek was already known to be preparing an 8 core processor for a Q4 launch and now we get to see the first picture of that product. Meet the Mediatek MT6592, an octa core processor going up to 2 GHz in frequency.


The solution will be popular among Chinese OEMs, we’re sure, but the likes of ASUS and Acer may also end up adopting it. It’s important to mention that Mediatek’s chip uses 8 Cortex A7 cores, that are not quite as fast as the Cortex A15 cores of the Tegra 4 CPU or Snapdragon 800. These processors rely on 4 stronger cores.

Anyway, nowadays most apps rely on 2 or 3 cores alone, so adding slower cores doesn’t exactly boost performance. However, MediaTek may program the cores to share the workload somehow. Anyway, I expect this CPU to be blown out of the water once the REAL 8 core Samsung Exynos Octa is out. I’m curious to see some benchmarks for this CPU…