Amazon’s latest tablets, as well as new products from Acer, Samsung and even Google have been eating at the market share of white box tablet vendors from China. They are now forced to cut prices even further to stay in the game.


The 7 inch tablet market is supposed to stand for about 80% of the entire tablet market, last I heard. This popular segment needs competitive prices to keep appealing to the public, but the quality must also stay top notch. Sources are saying that entry level ARM-based processor solutions from Chinese companies are allowing white box makers to cut prices.

In Taiwan Acer and ASUS have dual core 7 inch slates priced below $169. Some white box players are even offering tablet at half the price now. In the US white box players are very aggressive in pricing. Walmart sells a white box vendor called Xelio, or better said its 7 inch model priced at just $49. Walmart is selling 172 different slate models, with 51 sub $100 tablets included.