Marvell has just announced its cooperation with E Ink, a supplier of electronic paper display technologies for eReaders. The companies have created an eReader processor that will change the game on this market segment, making the devices thinner. We’re dealing with a new platform solution, that includes WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G modem and power management.


Dubbed the Armada eReader, this platform is aimed at the masses, since it’ll be affordable and accessible to everyone. This market is growing, as shown by a recent iSuppli Research report, claiming that eReaders will reach 18 million units shipped in 2012, from 1.1 million last year. Marvell and E Ink have recently been working on and developing ePaper products, based on next gen technologies and systems.

The new eReader platform is the first commercially available SoC that integrates a high performance CPU and a neat EPD controller on a single chip – the Marvell Armada 166E application processor. It can render high res PDF documents and support the latest ePaper technologies.


[via prnewswire]