Roper Mobile Technology has just announced a 12.1 inch panel PC, aimed at police forces, fire and health departments and security. The device is known as Duros 1205-PS and comes with an “ultra thin” design, a 1.66 GHz Core Duo processor, a touchscreen that’s easily viewable in direct sunlight, plus many storage options.


The panel PC is easy to mount with the dashboard on police cars and other such vehicles, specially since it’s so thin, that it doesn’t block airbag zones. 1205-PS will replace the previous model, that came with 1GB of RAM and an Intel Pentium CPU and you have to know that the new device packs a 1.66 GHz Core Duo CPU and 2GB of memory.

Also, the panel PC uses Intel’s 855GM northbridge, paired with the 82801DBH southbridge and it’ll be supplied with a 2.5 inch ATA/IDE hard disk drive (120GB storage) or a flash module. The product is also sealed against water and dust, plus shocks of up to 30G and vibrations.

[via windowsfordevices]