MOTO Development Group is not to be confused with Motorola and this company has recently announced that it’ll be launching the Android Media Platform (AMP), meant to help with the development of the Android 2.0 devices. Thanks to AMP, hardware makers will work with MOTO and test prototypes, designs and new devices.


AMP is basically all about a TI OMAP-based chipset, as far as the underlying hardware is concerned and it’ll react like a snowball, gathering hardware components around it, so that hardware makers know the ideal components for a device. The result of this process? A development cycle that’s shorted to 4 months even, from conception to finished product is a great idea and it seems doable, thanks to the new technologies.

The folks of Texas Instruments have llready announced that they’re pleased to work with MOTO on developing the Android Media Platform and you have to know that MOTO provides 3 types of base hardware specifications for AMP: 5 inches, 3.5 inches and 10 inches specifications.


[via phandroid]