LG has trademarked two new tablet models or series in the US: the “LPAD” and “WPAD” units. The company has already released the successful LG G Pad 8.3 last year and the new G Pad trio this year, all of them received pretty warmly.


Now they’re most likely preparing a successor for the LG G Pad 8.3 and maybe also thinking about tackling Windows 8 for a change. The “WPAD” sure sounds like a Windows 8 tablet, but LG would really have to stand out of the crowd for this product to matter on the currently saturated market, filled with 8 inchers with affordable prices. Anyway, the trademarks mention “smartphones” and “tablet computers”, but I’m leaning towards tablets.

It’s perhaps time to leave the G Series behind and open up a new series, like the L Series or W tablet series. A segment that LG hasn’t attacked and the likes of Lenovo and ASUS have played a lot with is the hybrid segment or the convertible one. LG may need to also bundle a keyboard with a potential Windows 8 slate to make it more appealing. Will it happen?