Amazon is rumored to have an entire family of Android devices ready for the holiday shopping season. This means we should expect both a tablet and a smartphone to be available, diversifying the Kindle offer. How about a Kindle branding for the new devices as well? Do Kindle Tab and Kindle Phone sound nice to you?

No specific details about the tablet’s hardware were revealed, but we’re pretty sure that dual core is a given, as well as at least 512MB of RAM, a 5MP camera and at least 1GB of ROM. The info concerning the “family” of devices comes from an internal source at Amazon, so it’s pretty trustworthy. With the Kindle e-reader in its portofolio and the Amazon App Store for Android, the e-tailer is on the good way of becoming something more than a store and provides of services.

The question is who will make the hardware. Could it be Samsung, as claimed by Peter Rojas of gdgt, or maybe Quanta Computers, according to Digitimes?