ComScore is revealing its usual batch of stats, this time involving tablets, with some surprising results. It appears that Amazon Kindle Fire is more appealing to women than men, since more ladies use the slate compared to the gents. ComScore’s survey involved 6,000 tablet owners in the USA, with findings related to the iPad and other tablet models.

The Apple tablet has the highest satisfaction ratings of all tablets, although its rivals are also pretty close when it comes to satisfaction. When asked what motivates purchases, people talk not only about brands, but most importantly of functionality and price,  as well as apps availability. ComScore found that Amazon’s tablet has a customer base that’s 56.6% female, a trend that was also present with the Kindle E-Reader products, that appealed to women more.

The iPad attracts a 52.9% male audience, while Android tablets have the sexes divided equally. As far as ages go, the 25-34 year old bracket is the most common one for tablet ownership and smartphones too, regardless of their maker. The 35-44 years old is the second most popular segment. Moving on to device satisfaction, this is where the iPad scores highly, with an 8.8 out of 10, while the Kindle Fire scored a very good 8.7 as well. Android tablets scored 8.2 and smartphones got a score of 8.1.

So, are you THAT pleased with the iPad? Is really the Kindle Fire girl stuff? You have the comments area below to discuss that!