So, Apple is having a bit of an up and down day, since after the US authorities denied their attempt to ban HTC devices, now they keep their decision on banning the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 slate. Meanwhile Samsung made an appeal and want the injunction to be lifted, but US District Court Judge Lucy Koh rejected the appeal to lift the Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban in USA for now.

Koh granted the injunction against the Tab 10.1 model last week and Samsung immediately appealed, trying to postpone the injunction until the appeal gets resolved. You should know that there’s still hope for the South Korean company that can go to the federal appeals court, that handles intellectual property disputes exclusively. The appeal was filed on June 26 and I guess we’ve yet to see an end to this story. With the Galaxy Tab 2 models out on the market, Samsung shouldn’t worry that much about their older product.

I’d be worried if they banned the Galaxy S III, since that’s the crown jewel right now or even one of the Galaxy Tab 2 units. In the meantime, the Galaxy Nexus is in trouble, which I find more disturbing than the Galaxy Tab 10.1 problems.