People still gather around the tablet for a holiday or some other family event and share pics from their phones, maybe some more savvy folks send them up to the TV via Chromecast, but the family album remains the core of memories. The Joy 13 inch tablet wants to replace that.

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This is a Full HD 13.3 inch touchscreen-based device, that can be controlled via a companion iOS or Android app. Interestingly, the slate doesn’t have any port and will only do wireless inductive charging. The hardware is nothing to write home about and Joy comes with a proprietary OS, that is meant to display photos and videos on the device.


You can make albums on the phone and even include GIFs and videos, plus RAW files and panoramas even. Dropbox and Google Photos are supported and the Joy provides 10 GB of cloud storage for your pics too. You can upgrade that to 500 GB, for $6.99 and 1 TB will cost $9.99. Joy will cost $499 and preorders are available from today, starting at $299.

After the Samsung binge watching tablet, we’re now treated to another big tablet that fits a niche. Interesting approach, I have to say.