In this age when everyone is tweeting and twerking, you’d guess that nobody has time to read books. Well, guess again, since a new survey shows that people are actually reading a ton of books, albeit in digital form.


A new survey from USA Today and book discovery website Bookfish has found that US adults who own a tablet or e-reader read more books than people who don’t own these devices. Makes us wonder what people without tablets are doing… The survey also discovered interesting reading habits, that are different for people under 40 compared to people over 40.

In case you’re wondering, the number of polled people is 1,000 adults and it was applied nationwide. There’s an extra 819 adults who own a tablet or e-reader added to poll list. The results show that 40% of adults and 46% of those between 18 and 39 own a tablet or e-reader. 35% of owners of a device are saying they read more since buying it.

Users aged between 18 and 39 have read an average of 21 books over the past year, whole people over 40 have read about 16 books over the same time period. People without tablets only read an average of 13 books over the past year, apparently. The same poll shows that science fictionn and fantasy are preferred in front of mystery, crime and romance.

  • DeianStancu

    It’s not a bad idea to read digital books anyway. Most tablets have good settings for low brightness, so at night, books can be read nicely. Even some tablets have special settings like Note series, that make even better reading. And with 1080p screens on 7″ (like Nexus), eyes won’t hurt for trying to read between characters, because individual pixels can’t be seen, thus making readability even better.

    And lot of people prefer a tablet instead an E-Reader, because it can do more, Internet and games, that readers can’t. It’s a minor trade-off, even battery depletes faster on tablets, but more things to do on tablets give them advantage.