Fusion Garage claims that the JooJoo tablet is now shipping, with deliveries expected on March 29th. After a bunch of delays, this is finally the good news we’ve been waiting for, specially because the device has been available for preorder since early December 2009. It had a $499 price tag and finally the long-awaited JooJoo units will be in the hands of their owners on Monday.

If we were to follow the info we had on this device, the shipping was expected to come, as the online store selling the tablet had orders available normally, not as preorders. We don’t know how long it’ll take for new order to come through, but we can suppose that Fusion Garage has a decent stock by now.

It seems everyone’s rushing to get their tablets out, till the iPad hits the stores early in April. Will JooJoo sell well enough? It’s got the potential, with that 12.1 inch capacitive touchscreen, Intel Atom CPU, NVIDIA Ion graphics and custom UI, plus a very tempting price.

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