Remember the huge PR stunts with Fusion Garage at its center, that had everyone believe it’s a Nokia tablet that’s coming? Well, this summer they launched the JooJoo tablet, but now unfortunately the project is heading to a sad ending, according to a report on The Verge. Founder Chandra Rathakrishnan hasn’t communicated with the press in a while now and customers can’t even find relief on the company’s website, that’s dead.

The US PR firm that represents Fusion Garage will also end the partnership with the company soon. Fusion Garage had a troubled history right from the get go with the scandal around the CrunchPad tablet created with Michael Arrington. This ended in a very ugly way with a public quarrel between Arrington and Fusion Garage. However, the latter continued developing the tablet and created a final version called the Joo Joo. The product disappeared from our radar fast, but then followed that crazy marketing campaign with teasers in the USA and whatnot.

They even had a plane write stuff on the sky close to an Apple convention… The result was the Grid 10 Tablet, a product that was actually promising and also one that was offered for free to Joo Joo owners. Grid 10 was scheduled for shipment on October 1st, but things went wrong once again… It’s sad to see an initiative such as this hitting the wall, especially since it had promise, in all iterations of the Fusion Garage device.