Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung didn’t only take place in USA, as the two are suing each other in more than one country. They brawled in court in Germany, Australia, Netherlands and even South Korea, but Apple didn’t usually win as big as they did in USA. Now one of the suits from Asia, in Japan ended up with Samsung’s innocence being proven.

Sammy may have lost a billion in USA, but in Japan they were deemed clear of all accusations of copying the iPad and iPhone through their Galaxy phones and tablet. Reuters and Bloomberg are reporting that a local judge decided that the devices don’t infringe Apple patents. Apple sued Samsung in Japan since September 2011, so the case has been going on for a while now. However, the Tokyo District Court decided that Samsung didn’t violate any patents that covered syncing music and video data with a PC.

The Yomiuri Shinbun says that presiding judge Tamotsu Shoji dismissed the claim and said Samsung’s implementation of the technology wasn’t covered by the Apple patent. Apple was also ordered to pay the costs of the lawsuits, so they couldn’t win this one. I’ll remind you that this summer too, Apple was ordered in UK to post a message on its site saying that Samsung didn’t copy their products.