In what seems like an incredibly late April’s Fools, Xiaomi has somehow decided to create a Transformer robot of a tablet and that’s not even a metaphor. It appears that the Chinese company is teaming up with Hasbro to make a Transformer toy that turns into a slate.


They’ve created a version of the robot Soundwave, that turns into a Mi Pad 2 in 30 steps. Of course, the slate can’t be used like a regular device, but you do end up with a kickass and complex action figure. The toy has the same size as a tablet and it’s just 8.5 mm thick when morphed into the device. The crowdfunding takes place here and prices go from $26 for the 190 mm action figure.


The initial goal was already crossed, so the product is happening. Hugo Barra went ahead and posted some pictures of the toy morphed and unmorphed onto his Facebook page and the shots are spectacular. I wonder why they chose a Deception and not an Autobot for this…