We’re impatiently waiting for the next big foldable phone to come up. That’s probably because we’re not happy with the Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X is too pricey. iPhone X Fold may provide some relief, even though it’ll be far from cheap as well. For now we have concept renders of the device, that we share below.

The product was rendered by Antonio de Rosa and taken over by ConceptsiPhone, who worked wonders with renders of it. First of all, there’s no crease down the middle, as spotted recently on the Galaxy Fold. Then the device seems to be the perfect format, in both phone and tablet format. It sits perfectly in the hand, be it folded or opened up.

The device has a tendency to look like two iPhones glued together, but it becomes more as you glance at it properly. My only problem with it is the lack of symmetry, with a curved corner at the top and bottom right, while the left side is completely flat. The device uses a stainless steel frame and is presented in tend mode when pulled out of the prism box.

There’s also a “Vaio-like” mode, a sort of mini laptop vibe going on. From what I can see the fingerprint scanner is in the screen and the iPhone X Fold also uses AMOLED panels here, an 8.3 inch big one in tablet mode and a 6.6 inch Super Retina one on the side. At the back there’s a triple camera shaped like a square, similar to what you see on the iPhone XI renders. I have to say that this foldable isn’t half bad and it feels like Apple could make it work. Particularly the hinge is well done. I see that there’s also a selfie camera discretely cut in there.

Expect a very high price…