On the list of things we didn’t know we needed till the news told us we add today the Tstand, an iPad accessory that was recently reviewed by Cultofmac. Apparently, there’s no perfect way to hold an iPad, without it feeling awkward and this product puts a stop to that.


Tstand started off as a Kickstarter project and finally got made into an adjustable tablet stand that decreases muscle strain for users trying to watch some Netflix shows. The product comes with a foldable clamshell design and can offer any viewing angle needed. One can rest the stand on the stomach while laying in bend, so they can watch a show without having the lift the head or keep arms up.


You can also swivel the bottom half of the stand behind the iPad, so you can post it as a computer monitor on your desk. Then you add a keyboard in the mix and you have a working setup. Priced at $37, this model removes neck strain and can be funded here to become a real product. Apparently, you can feel more relaxed without having to flex muscles to bring your eyes or hands closer to the slate.

The only drawback here is the mechanism for adjusting angles, that’s not very smooth.