It seems that every day since the iPad Pro started selling we learn something new about the device. Today for example we found out that the 12.9 inch slate’s Lightning port supports USB 3.0 transfer speeds.


iFixit found a controller for the new USB standard during the teardown of the device and interestingly Apple didn’t even bother to advertise this feature. Such compatibility means that the iPad Pro can transfer files at up to 5 Gbps, while an USB 2.0 connection went to 480 Mbps tops. The problem here? You need an USB 3.0 adapter to make it work.

The tablet only ships with a cable that offers USB 2.0 speeds and guess what, there’s no such USB 3.0 adapter yet. Something tells me that when the cable does come out, it will cost a bit too much, sort of like those Lightning/HDMI adaptors from the past years. In today’s wireless word, cables are the last thing one may buy though…