The folks of TechCrunch recently published a piece regarding the iPad traffic their site gets, versus the folks accessing the website from Linux devices and from the iPhone. Thanks to the stats they published, we learn that the iPad browsing traffic is surging and it’s grown four fold compared to April, for example.

The iPad OS is the fourth most popular platform that folks use to reach TechCrunch these days, surpassing Linux machines and closing in on the iPhone. iOS devices combined now reach over 10% of browsing share, while Windows stays on the first place, with 55.20%, followed by Mac, with 26.88%. Back in April, those numbers were: Windows – 59.68%, Mac – 27.78%, iPhone – 5%, Linux – 5% and iPad – 1.18%.

Just for fun, here’s some figures from 2007, also showing the platforms used to browse to TechCrunch: Windows – 81.12%, Mac – 14.80%, Linux 3.05%, iPhone – 0.52%.

[via techcrunch]