Apple released its freshest quarterly earnings, for the first fiscal quarter of 2017, showing pretty positive outcome. However, in spite of selling many iPhones, the iPad didn’t do so dandy. The good is that the iPad went above the Q4 2016 numbers, but year on year it decreased.

Apple claims it’s thrilled to report that the holiday quarter results were the highest ever, breaking multiple records. Records were set for Services, iPhones, Macs and Apple Watches and even in comparison to 2016 things were better. The iPad saw a big year on year decrease of 19% for units shipped. While Apple moved 16.12 million slates in Q1 2016, they only got to 13.08 million models in Q1 2017.

The iPad Pro was well received initially, but it couldn’t help the drop of the entire tablet segment, globally and with all types of OSes and specs on board. The new lineup of Apple tablets with or without OLED panels will make the iPad appealing again maybe, but that’s all speculation for now. It will take at least a year or more to get back to the winning figures of 3 years ago. Predictions say that a turnaround may happen.