2020 will not only bring us the first 5G iPhones, but also some tablet-related innovations. We’ll see an iPad Pro that adopts the triple back camera from the iPhone 11 Pro and also a brand new type of screen. We have details below.

It’s been over thirteen months since the last iPad Pro was unveiled and an update is expected to come in March. Apparently, that option has been canned, as the devices are now expected to drop in Q3 2020. The reason would be that Apple has decided to go with a new display tech, mini-LED. It’s famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the usual suspect when it comes to such info. We’re talking about a 12.9 inch iPad with an advanced mini LED display, that uses 10.000 LEDs.

The new technology is meant to fill in the space between the OLED screens on the iPhones and the micro-LEDs which are being prepared for the future devices, including Apple Watches. Interestingly, the March 2020 iPad launch is still on the table, with LCD screens, so we may see two iPad releases in 2020. The analyst claims that battery life will be greatly improved thanks to higher efficiency, as well as increased pixel densities and thinner designs.

We will also see a serious CPU upgrade, to Apple A14X, which will be tailor made for the new iPad Pro. History suggests that the device will debut on September 8th. The new iPad Pro may end up accompanied by 4 iPhone 12 variations. And let’s not forget about iPhone SE 2… Speculations talk about the iPad getting an XDR branding, much like the iPhone screens and the latest expensive monitors from Apple.

We’ve also heard of a new 3D face scan that’s better than Face ID and also AR functionality.