The iPad Pro wasn’t revealed or hinted at during WWDC 2015, so it’s most likely coming this fall. Till that happens we’ve got the occasional leak, like the one today involving the resolution leaked in iOS 9 beta.


The code of the OS revealed evidence regarding the future big screen device. The picture above lists a portion of the code, that lists a resolution of 1366 x 1024 pixels. The developer that discovered it claims it alludes to an iPad Pro or iPad Air Plus, as the new leaks peg it. In spite of the resolution listed here, the actual resolution of the tablet would be 2732 x 2048 pixels, because Apple would be using resolution scaling.

This res would fit a 12.9 inch screen perfectly, although there were also reports about a 12.2 inch screen. This means we’ll be getting a PPI of 270, which is not very impressive nowadays, considering the Galaxy Note 5 goes up to 700 PPI or more. Does this res also mean more work for devs to adapt their apps to a new format?