A Weibo user from China posted a very interesting photo, that shows a supposed iPad Pro manufacturing mold. The image was taken straight from a factory that manufactures te slate and it’s supposed to reveal the look of the tablet’s back shell.


The newcomer is expected to be in the range of 12-13 inches in diagonal, but we can’t tell if the mold is meant for an actual iPad Pro shell or merely for a dummy unit. Such dummy units are tested by Apple to see which one they like best, before choosing one and sending it to mass production. The photo shown here is of a poor quality, but we do see what appears to be an Apple logo in the center and a rear camera in the corner (maybe).

The timing of the iPad Pro is unclear although late last year everyone was talking about a Q1 release this year. However, Wall Street Journal was saying that production had been pushed back in order to allow suppliers to focus on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. April-June is now the new timeframe to expect the big business iPad. Are we getting excited for nothing, or is this a solid leak? Could it be the lid of a MacBook?