As Apple has just confirmed it’s going to hold a special event on September 10th, it’s also time to start talking about new iPad Pro 2019 models. The newcomers may just get some inspiration from the iPhone 11, particularly with the square camera, at least if the renders below are to be believed.

The creation of designer Waqar Khan, these renders show us a metallic iPad Pro, with enough room for a Face ID mechanism, but still pretty big bezels. It also has a square camera module with 3 sensors. It may well include the same sensors as the iPhone 11. The USB-C port is a given and we can’t yet tell if this is the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, an 11 incher or a brand new 10.2 incher.

If real, this would be the first time that we get an iPad that’s equally specced with an iPhone in the same generation, camera-wise. Inside we should find a boosted version of the Apple A13 CPU, namely the Apple A13X, that may once again put Core i5 laptops to shame, or maybe even go after a Core i7. The lines between tablet and laptop are getting blurrier and blurrier and hooking up a keyboard to this machine and a mouse (possible with iPadOS), may just kill the need for a laptop for good.

The new non Pro iPad is rumored to also get a dual camera, a la iPhone XR. We’ll learn more on September 10th. This baby isn’t going to be cheap, that’s for sure.