We’re entering the month of May, which means Google I/O is almost here and WWDC 2013 is a month away. We’re preparing to welcome iOS 7.0 and the usual rumors have started and even some supposed leaks from deep inside Apple.


The interface of the new iOS is said to be “very, very flat” and even adopts the sense of simplicity from Windows Phone. Multiple people who have either seen or been briefed about iOS 7.0 are reporting about it for various sites. A “flat” design means that we’ll get simplicity and the heavy textures and digital metaphors for real objects will be left aside. For example, Apple may think that the new generations of users don’t identify their current objects with the yellow notepad icon for the iOS Notes app or the leather filled calendar app.


I’m sure iOS will remain easy to use and will hold at its center the concepts that all mobile OSes have: home screens, a central area and notification area. In spite of changes, iOS 7 doesn’t feature a steep learning curve and it’s not more difficult to use compared to its predecessors. The codename of the release is Innsbruck, or so say 3 people familiar with the platform. We get a new set of icons, newly designed tool bars, tab bars and other interface elements.

Perhaps Apple may want to revisit that multitasking window concept from a few years ago, that resembles the multitasking in BlackBerry OS 10.