Well, the iPad Mini is pretty much official now that we know it’s coming on October 23rd, through a special event taking place next Tuesday. We’ve already seen bits and pieces of the 7.85 inch Apple slate floating on the interwebs, but one more can’t be that bad, right? Today’s leak involves the iPad Mini display panel, shown below.

Wireless repair parts supplier ETrade Supply has posted some pictures of the iPad Mini display on its official blog, showing a LCD screen that’s almost 8 inches in diagonal, with about 162 mm in length and 124 mm in width. The company claims that the aspect ratio here is 4:3, so the device will keep the same aspect ratio as the traditional iPads, in spite of the smaller size. We’ve already seen the device’s battery, that’s 3 times bigger than the iPhone 5’s and we’ve also seen lots of mockups of the slate’s form factor.

We have no idea if it will pack the new Apple A6 CPU, a 5 MP camera and start from either 8 GB or 16 GB of storage. There was also a leaked price in Germany, through a local retailer, a price of 249 euros for a 8 GB WiFi version apparently. Would you take one of these over the Nexus 7?