The folks of Mac4Ever have the good habit of getting their predictions right and we’re talking about the update of the Apple’s products a couple of months ago, that they got perfectly right. From the Magic Mouse, to the new aluminium Apple Remote, they were spot on, so we turn to them for info on the new iWork, iLife and tablet predictions.


Mac4Ever expects iLife and iWork to arrive in 64 bit versions, taking advantage of Snow Leopard’s improvements and probably getting ready for a January release during Macworld San Francisco… or maybe not, considering their release cycle. Lately, the products have had 18 months release cycles, so that places them in mid 2010.

Back to the same reliable source, Mac4Ever claims that the tablet will be delayed until the second half of 2010, which is bad news for Apple, considering the recent release spree of similar products. JooJoo (ex Crunchpad) could be a huge hit by then and so could Motorola Sholes Tablet and maybe a Nokia product.

[via macrumors]