Just hours ago we learned about a potential launch event for the iPad Mini this month and now there’s a fresh batch of pictures portraying the 7.85 inch iPad, compared to the Nexus 7 and other devices. These are most likely dummy units or mockup builds, created based on the online leaks from the past weeks.

The iPad Mini will be wider than the Nexus 7 from the front and it may be a 4:3 affair, as shown here. It’s also thinner and it has a very slim bezel. Kindle Fire HD also jumps in the comparison, being pretty close to the iPad Mini’s measurements, although it seems a bit wider and has that cool Motorola Xoom style band in the middle. If you ask me, the best texture and grip is provided by the Android models shown here, as the iPad Mini will probably come with an aluminum back prone to drops.

You can also see that the iPad Mini is longer than both models, after all those 0.85 inches must be felt someplace if not in width… There’s the new Lightning port at the bottom, an iSight camera at the back and the device seems to lack protruding buttons this time, opting for a more discrete integration. Frankly, the buttons look flimsy and may not look like that in the finalized version.