This Fall will bring us the biggest Apple event this year, with the iPhone 7 being ready for prime time debut, but that won’t be the only device launched by the Cupertino firm come September or October. We’re also waiting for a new iPad Mini, if recent rumors are to be believed. So let’s see what the slate will bring.


Speculations say that the iPad Mini 5 is expected to come in September 2016, keeping the 7.9 inch screen and getting some new features. Some of them seem borrowed from the iPhones and some from bigger iPads. The device will most likely resemble the design of the iPad Mini 4 and it’ll feature a 7000 series aluminum chassis, for extra durability.

A crazy waistline has been thrown around: 5 mm, as well as a rose gold colour option. 3D Touch is expected on the device, as well as IP68 protection and Apple Pencil compatibility. It has iOS 10 as the OS and the device will come with 32 GB as the basic storage version. The battery is said to be smaller in order to fit the 5 mm frame, but the functioning time won’t be affected.

About 60% of these specs sound legit, but what are your expectations?