The iPad Mini 5 and iPad Air 2019 have both been subjects of teardowns recently, revealing a very low repairability score, but are they resilient? JerryRigEverything set out to test that, via his usual bend test. Let’s see what came out of that after the break.

The YouTuber already did a similar test with the 11 inch iPad Pro, which was pretty easy to bend and break. Meanwhile, the new iPad Mini 2019/ iPad Mini 5 was put through a series of tests. First, it was the scratch test, with the display scratching at the typical level 6 out of 9, like any other non sapphire smartphone out there.

The body is made of aluminum and takes the unibody approach, while the screen burn with the lighter didn’t cause permanent damage. That’s on account of having a LCD display, not an OLED one. The bend test was the key moment, with the device flexing quite a bit, like the iPad Pro 11. The difference is that this model is able to stay functional and it doesn’t have a screen crack or frame crack. Even when severely bent it keeps working.

That means it’s not a good idea to keep in your baggy pant pockets, in a jacket or even the schoolbag or bag without a case. Still waiting on those performance and battery life tests…