is a very solid source when it comes to Apple leaks, since they recently published a bunch of very, very detailed images of the iPhone 5C and 5S and now it’s the turn of the iPad Mini 2 to get the same treatment.


We only see the device’s shell here with some really interesting closeups of the sides, top and bottom, inner and outer side. There’s a huge gallery in the source link, just so you know. I can’t say that I’ve spotted any changes compared to the iPad Mini 1, so we’ll probably also need the front panel if we’re to notice anything.

With the abundance of rumors saying the iPhone 5S and 5S will launch in September, but nothing about the iPads, I’m guessing they will come at a later date, probably in October or November. The iPad Mini 2 is expected to pack a Retina Display and I suggest you have a good look at the area where the Home button is, since it could hide a slot for the fingerprint scanner rumored to make its way to the new iDevices.