Most people, if not everyone expects that Apple 9th September event to be all about the iPhone 6, but apparently there are some people who think (and know) something more. Now there’s a rumor going around, saying that Apple will also debut the iPad Air 2, with Touch ID.


The piece of news comes from a very solid source, the famous Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities. He claims that the iPad Air 2 will come next Tuesday, together with the iPhone 6 and the iWatch. The analyst writes in the note that only the iPad Air 2 will register big spec upgrades this year. The iPad Mini Retina won’t get changed much when (and if) it gets a new release this year.

The iPad Air 2 is said to be powered by Apple’s A8 processor, adopt an anti reflective screen coating and a new gold color option. Previous rumors have said that the Touch ID fingerprint sensor will come to a future flagship tablet, iPad Mini 3 included. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see… What do you think of this rumor?

  • Robert Jasiek

    Supposing the rumour is right, let us discuss the features.

    A next generation’s CPU will be fine for less energy consumption and so a thinner device and / or longer battery duration.

    Anti-reflective screen coating can mean two things: either it is meaningless advertisement speech (as with too many other products by other companies) or, say, Gorilla Glass 4. If the latter, it would be almost as anti-reflective as a matt screen – fantastic! Considering that it would be the first such consumer tablet (except for a few matt business or ruggedised tablets), it would start a display revolution. Any company could have started it, but it would again be Apple to do it successfully. The iPad could become really suitable outdoors, well, if the brightness should also be improved a bit (the Air is not the best tablet in this respect).

    Gold colour option? Good for those who care. I don’t.

    A touch ID fingerprint sensor is not a security improvement but a convenience improvement lowering security because fingerprints have been, and can be, forged. Therefore, this is a good feature only if it can be deactivated by the security sensitive users. Maybe it can serve as an optional second factor authentification.

    Like so often, the rumours ignore the most important problem of the iPad Air: the missing local file manager and local file transfer manager to (also Windows) PCs. The iPad Air 2 with iOS 8 would win many new customers if it offered them full file management. How else would Apple win power and business users? The cloud is not local and so not secure; it can never replace a local file manager. I know Job’s preference against a file manager to create an “easy to use” device; my point is not to remove such usage experience for those preferring it; instead the iPad could do what other systems offer: a choice among different usage scopes – basic versus advanced. Offering root or a choice among GUIs are other examples where ideology could be replaced by variety. A gold colour option is just a joke, but all the mentioned other options would be real improvements.