These days it’s all about leaks concerning the plastic iPhone, but we also find the time to check out the iPad 5 and its leaks. It appears that a Chinese source has leaked what seems to be a bunch of internal documents confirming the manufacturing of the new iPad.

ipad 5

It appears that the production has entered the final stage, or so say the documents. This is just the trial production, so don’t get too excited. The warranty deadline is June 27th 2014 and confirming the previous leaks, it appears that the iPad 5 will have a design that’s similar with the iPad Mino’s and 15% thinner than the iPad 4. The iPad 5 should also be about 25% to 33% lighter than the previous iPad.

The low thickness is caused by the use of a single LED bar instead of two, like on the iPad 4. Rumored specs for the future gen Apple slate include an A7X processor, 8 megapixel camera, second rear facing microphone and up to 128 GB storage versions. We’ve also got support for smart gestures and wireless charging and the rumored price tag is about $500.