White box tablet makers have pumped up a huge amount of orders for tablet panels, a joy for their makers, since it stands for huge profit. IHS had to increase the forecast for shipped displays by 6% for 2013.


A total of 262 million screen panels for tablets are predicted to be shipped this year, compared to the previous forecast of 246 million. This means that there’s a 69% growth from the 155 million units in 2012. Chinese white box tablet markets are the cause here and their increase of production is making them ask for more screens.

“Massive quantities” of low end tablets are mentioned here, created for both China and other developing economies. Unbranded tablet markets purchased about 40% of all tablet panels in April more than double compared to the first quarter of 2012. The new turnkey designs make the market more accessible for fresh companies on the market, so more and more brands are appearing.

Only the decrease of prices of big brand tablets could make these white box makers back down.