A recent report from DigiTimes is claiming that Apple might in fact release two versions of the next iPad, packing a huge battery, that will double the current 6579 mAh capacity to the mind blowing 14,000 mAh. Apple gets its current power source from suppliers Simply Technology and Dynapack, but these companies refused to comment on the rumor.

Apple’s two new iPads will include a model for the high end segment and one for the mid range one, says DigiTimes. The same report mentions the fact that the new tablets will come at MacWorld/iWorld in late January, making this one hell of a show for Apple. Right now the Cupertino giant hasn’t even confirmed his presence at the show and two years ago it also skipped the event. January 26th is when we might see the new tablet announced, if the inside info is correct.

Of course, these are mere theories and we’ve heard about two iPads getting released for a while now, with speculations placing them at the end of 2011 even. We’ve been hearing about a 7 inch iPad Mini, a Retina Display iPad and whatnot… However, there’s a recurring rumor about a 7.85 inch iPad that DigiTimes kept mentioning, but it appears that this product has been canned in favor of the usual diagonal size. We’re now expecting tablets with QXGA resolutions (1,536 x 2,048) with dual LED light bars designed specifically for the iPad.

Meanwhile, The Verge is claiming that the iPad HD is in the works and it will come with a touch version of Final Cut Pro. As far as camera goes, we’ll possibly get 5MP sensors or maybe even an 8MP sensor from Sony. Sharp will supply displays for the tablets, while Samsung will make the new Apple A6 processor for the high end iPad 3.