The iPad 3’s Retina Display may be looking hot, but not when seen through polarized glasses. This has been an issue ever since the first iPad came out: you can’t use the Apple tablet in portrait orientation while wearing polarized sunglasses. Of course, this is a mere “first world problem”, but summer is coming and you’re going to need those glasses…

Below you can see a video from back in 2010, showing an user filming an iPad through a pair of polarized sunglasses and the issue keeps repeating even today for the iPad 3 users. You can’t even see the screen at all, in the new iteration, apparently. You can’t really fix thing right now but there’s a temporary (and very simple) workaround: using the device in landscape mode. The iPad’s screen is polarized vertically and not with a 45 degree like most smartphones for example, so visibility issues are to be expected.

This issue has been a topic of discussions on the Mac enthusiast forums for a while now and many have been shocked by the lack of response from the iPad when sunglasses were on… people were naturally scared that their slate had died out, but in the end it was only the fault of the glasses. They act as a filter and alter light that passes through them, so only waves aligned with the filter can pass. Not a very big problem if you ask me…

  • 1stkorean

    thats the orginal ipad in the video!

  • iPet3

    I actually found the problem two months ago on my iPad3, when I was using it as GPS for a 3 hr drive in my car. I can’t see clearly only after 30min when I rotated it. Then I realize it’s my polarized sunglasses