The Nook Color and Nook Tablet devices have been getting a lot of press thanks to their very low prices and ability to rival the Kindle series of products. We must however remember that all the Nook devices are based on Android, so that opens them to some customizing opportunities, like modding.

The latest such action happened to the Nook Touch, that has been rooted with custom apps and ROMs, although this e ink device’s hardware limitations are a bit of a bummer. XDA members wheiltijohnny and Mani100 took this to the next level and created custom code that makes the Nook Touch support multitouch gestures, even on that e ink screen. The mod is actually a pretty simple one for a person who’s already rooted the Nook Touch: you just need to load the ZIP file you have in the ClockWorkMod recovery, flash it and you’re ready.

The results are pretty impressive, seeing that the hardware on this slate is limited and usually multitouch gestures aren’t supported. E Ink means that you won’t get display animations as fast as the LCD screens can perform them, but the 3-4 frames per second should be enough for common tasks. There’s also a video below, with details: