We’ve heard this theory for 2011, but now it applies to 2012: there will be two iPad versions this year. The first one will be the iPad 3, that will supposedly come in March, while the iPad 4 will come in October, according to component makers from Taiwan. The device we call iPad 3 will feature a full HD display and more info on that topic and the iPad 4 is available after the break.

The third-gen Apple tablet will be packing a QXGA 1,536 x 2,048 screen and longer battery life, while the rest of the specs will be underwhelming, according to the same sources. However, this will be a good reason for Apple to price the iPad 2 to $399.99, thus competing with the very low price of the Amazon Kindle Fire. Competition will continue to heat up during the year, with more quad core models with Ice Cream Sandwich and maybe reasonable prices coming during the summer.

Finally, when autumn kicks in, the iPad 4 will arrive, just in time to fight the Microsoft Windows 8 slates and Intel’s Clover Trail platform-based tablets. This fourth gen 9.7 inch device from Apple will finally mark an improvement in the hardware side and get some integrated applications aside from the cool hardware. I’m expecting quad core and an incredible resolution here, at least…

  • Guest

    wait a minute what will be in ipad3, it should come with quad-core processor right

  • Anonymous

    I doubt it. Not if it’s coming as early as March. I’m guessing it will be a higher-clocked dual core chip. I think that’s why many suspect another refresh later in the year. Maybe they’ll surprise us and have quad core successors to the A5 ready to go… if so, we’ll probably find out this week at CES. But I kind of think the Tegra 3 will be the only quad core chip until at least late summer/early fall.

  • Guest

    Two iPads in one year? Even though Apple can and may do it and wow us with their beautiful pieces of technology, I believe two different generations of their tablets should not be released in the same year.

    Don’t make it a race, and instead, when time comes to release, wow us with something we can’t do.