Asian site revealed a bunch of new pictures of the iPad 3, this time also stating that the display panel it uses is Sharp material. I guess that LG Display and Samsung failed to reach a deal with Apple. This is an LCD panel by Sharp Corporation, most likely that rumored Retina Display that was rumored for the latest iPad tablet.

In other news, also claims that the back plate of the iPad 3 is a bit thicker than the one of the iPad 2, maybe 1mm or even less. The length and width are the same, though and it appears that the attachment screw hole of the LCD panel has also had its position changed. Connectors are also changed and the area of the case that should host the camera shows that we’ll get a different type of lens. Volume button and lock button stay the same, while the external case shows a colored ring orifice for the camera, unlike the one on the iPad 2.

The same site warns us that these could be mere test parts for a prototype and not the real thing, so take the info with the usual grain of salt. In the end I guess we’ll see a dual core Apple A6 tablet with Retina Display, 5 megapixel camera, 16/32GB of internal memory, a WiFi and 3G version and maybe even LTE.