We know almost all there is to know about the iPad 2 at this point, only speculations of course, but some of them are bound to be real. In the end, the next-gen iPad will be a slimmer tablet when compared to the first Apple slate, with a more powerful CPU and two cameras. Also, Korean sources have recently speculated that the screen on the device will be the brand new Samsung Super PLS LCD.

This technology (plane to lane switching) provides 100% wider viewing angles in comparison with the IPS LCD (in plane switching). The latter is used on the iPhone 4 and Motorola Droids with good results, so imagine an upgrade. Also, the new display is 10% brighter, 15% cheaper (production costs) and supports WXGA resolutions (up to 800 x 1280 pixels).

The resolution goes against a recent WSJ report, saying that the iPad will have the same pixel count as its predecessors, but here comes a new rumor mentioning that Samsung’s technology is in fact kept for the iPad 3, that will come this Fall. What do you say? Could this be real?