The ICT Research Institute published a survey covering the Japanese tablet market, where Android is king. Over the past years, the shipments of slates have grown in the country, from 7.13 million units in Japan to 9.16 million in 2014.


In 2015 the number is expected to reach 10.54 million units and in 2017 13.32 million units. The survey covers all devices ranging in diagonal from 6 inches to 11 inches and sporting a touchscreen. Android has a market share of 44%, but the iPad is very close with 43%. Analysts have spotted a trend with the elderly using iPads, so the Apple slate may recover market share soon.

Windows tablets shipped 1.13 million units last year, getting a 12% share. The study doesn’t forget to mention the slowing growth of the global market, which struck Apple the worst and also Samsung. While in Japan iOS and Android are battling it out, in central and Eastern Europe Samsung and Lenovo are the rulers, as shown here.