There’s finally a solution for that annoying glare effect on tablet displays everywhere… it could be the technology employed to  create the screen on the right side of the image below. Yes ladies and gentlemen that’s a screen and it’s “invisible glass” that enables such an effect.

Nippon Electric Glass took advantage of the FPD International 2011 conference in Japan to exhibit this “invisible glass” panel. The company added an anti-reflection film to the front and back of the glass and this layer is mere nanometers thick. Through this process the luminance reflectance diminishes by 0.1% over a typical sheet of glass. Reflection however is greatly reduced.

About 8% of the light will be reflected on this piece of glass, so it’s a major achievement. The thing here is that people are wondering how well the light emitted by the display will come through the glass… I guess we’ll have to wait and see till someone like Apple, Sony or LG take this idea over.