During this week’s series of conferences at CES 2014, Intel detailed its future plans, that rely on something they call Dual OS. That project intends to put Windows and Android into a dual boot PC and by PC we also mean tablet PCs.


Intel promises that with the push of a single button you’ll switch from Windows to Android and the other way around, everything done seamlessly. Also, it will be done securely, as Intel is committed to protection. ASUS has already announced a dual boot Transformer Book Duet hybrid at CES, so things are already in motion.

The interesting challenge here is to put Android and Windows on one chip, not a hybrid machine with a dock part with Intel chip and tablet part with ARM chip. Once Microsoft, Google and Intel will be in the same boat, iOS will have a tough time beating all of them together. I can’t help but wonder what happens with Chrome OS once this becomes a viable solution.