Instagram has reached Android this week amidst a wave of hatred from the iUsers… who liked that vintage tint their ubercool iPhone 4S pictures got when using the app. Now the Instagram Android app already gets an updated, that seems to be focused on tweaking some options and making it more fit for tables.

Version 1.0.3 was made available yesterday and it comes with expanded support for slates and WiFi handsets, app installation on the SD card and a fix for an audio mute bug during capture. Other than that the app is identical to the one on iOS, or pretty close to being its twin. The real evolution here is that you move away from that tiny 3.5 inch display of the iPhone and you can experiment with the likes of the Galaxy Note for example. You can frame images, preview filters and much more.

There are many capture tools available, but what’s lacking is the Flickr and Posterous integration present in iOS and also the selective focus tool. You can still make an image brighter or add/remove a frame. The makers of the app promised that Android 2.2+ device can run Instagram with support for OpenGL ES 2 and a maximum resolution support of 2.048 x 2.048.