The time has come! India’s $35 tablet will be coming this month, after being a blocked project for 6 months. The Indian government was behind this project, that finally gets the green light, with the product being available in mere weeks.

Codenamed Sakshat, the device made in India is the answer to the $100 laptops created by MIT. Sakshat relies on Linux OS and it’s created by HCL Technologies, in case you’re wondering. Specs-wise, you get a 7 inch touchscreen, an inbuilt keyboard, a videochat camera and multimedia playback.

USB and WiFi take care of connectivity and a surprising 2GB of RAM and 32GB of HDD are also available making this unit bulky. Open Office, SciLab and an Internet browser round up the specs list. The Indian government has 10,000 units deliver in late June and in the next 4 months over 90,000 tablets will be ready.