After learning how tablets are doing in Australia, let’s take a tour in Japan. IDC Japan published the tablet market share pie chart for the Japanese market. Turns out that Apple rules that area and we have more figures below.

In Q4 2016, the total tablet shipments were at 1.99 million units, which is more than Australia and a decrease of 10.1% from the same period in the previous year. First placed is Apple, at 38.2%, then Huawei is second placed, at 22.6%. Lenovo is third, with 9.6% and ASUS fourth with 6.6%. Finally, Fujitsu is fifth with 6.6% and the “Others” are at 16%.

Those were all Q4 figures, so the full year of 2016 brought 7.33 million units in the country, once again a decrease from the year before, by 6.9%. Again with the figures, for the full year of 2016, Apple scored 40.9% of the Japanese market, when Huawei with 21.6% and Lenovo is third with 8.5%. Fujitsu is again fourth and ASUS fifth. Apple was placed first at the end of 2015 too and it has a good odd of staying there in 2017 too.

We also expect at least one rival to go past 10%.