There’s such a thing as “adult tablet classes” it seems, happening in Scotland these days. Renfrewshire Council is behind it and the elderly are getting really interested in these classes. Ever since October 2016 a series of six week tablet training courses have been held for the senior citizens.

80 folks have taken part in the course and the waiting list for it is growing larger and larger. Such classes teach the elder folks how to use a tablet, handle it, do safe online searches, send emails or use social media. They also learn how to install apps and solve simple problems. I’m sure games are also part of the program. There’s an initial six week course, that saw Jim Higgings, 60 learning so much that afterwards he became a volunteer to teach others to use the slates.

The program is meant to help senior citizens surpass the digital barrier and increase their self confidence, as they use modern technology. They can also meet new people and share common interests. Tablets are becoming more and more popular for people of a certain age, as they’re a cheap way of getting online, compared to laptops or PCs.

Looking forward to seeing more such initiatives, because everyone deserves a chance to enter the digital age.